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Resources for Conquering Addictions

The only true law is that which leads to freedom. - Richard Bach, Jonathon Livingston Seagull

Our Mission

To research, develop, produce, market, and provide valuable information and materials

For addicts, including their families, friends, and extended communities, to help them make the break from the effects of addiction to full recovery;

For senior citizens, including their families, friends, and extended support network to assist them with health matters and special needs;

For socially conscious entrepreneurs, inventors, and artists who need economic and educational assistance to build their business and complete their work;

To deliver this vital information in an easy-to-access, understandable, and affordable manner.

  • Drug Addictions
  • Alcohol Abuse
  • Depression & Grief
  • Sexual Disorder
  • Chronic Pain
  • Trauma, adults & children
  • Senior Health
  • Veterans Issues
  • Suicidal Ideation
  • Weight Loss & Over-eating
  • Gambling/Gaming
  • Impulse Control

The Challenge

The United States and countries throughout the world are plagued by a growing threat that enslaves a large portion of the total population: severe addiction. There is no silver bullet, no simple solution to this very real threat to millions of people from all strata of our society.

Only the very fortunate have the financial wherewithal and support systems to receive and maintain treatment from clinics, hospitals, and professional counselors. Most systems for recovery treatment are woefully understaffed and inadequately funded.

And the matter of achieving sobriety is but the first step in the gradual conversion to a healthy and fulfilling life. What tools does the average person have when he or she calls out for help? Is there one central hub to find the answers and contacts needed to achieve sobriety and build a positive future?

  • Substance Abuse Counselors
  • Hospitals & Clinics
  • Healthy Lifestyle & Literature
  • Recovery Networks
  • Sober Living Programs
  • Group Support
  • Community Assistance
  • Meditation and Yoga
  • Hobbies & Leisure
  • Therapy Financing

The Vision

Folks whose lives are being ruined by the ever-present epidemic threat of addiction and other harmful behavior must have easy-to-access information on where to find solutions for their specific needs.

They haven’t the time, energy, or resources to plod through the thousands of books, articles, seminars, therapies, and websites that may have the information they need. They need to hear from the experts, both past and present, who offer to take them from the bottom step of despair to the higher place of hope and liberation.

But where do they find such learned and wise teachers and counselors? Where do we locate funding for such therapy? Where is there a central, easy-to-navigate concentration of the necessary information for those who are in the throes of addiction? The search for such a tool is daunting. In fact, no such hub exists.

The fact is that addicts, their families and friends, and even their counselors need a convenient central source that shows all the options available so they can begin to develop a personal program fit to their specific challenge. As Texas Governor Ann Richards, herself an acknowledged alcoholic, once said, “One size does not fit all.

One service that will be available to anyone seeking support in matters of addiction recovery is the 24/7, year-round Total Recovery Expo being developed by Recovery for All. Here anyone can anonymously visit hundreds of premier exhibits of clinics, hospitals, and offices for professional treatment under any number of plans. Here a “Recovery Expo attendee” can listens to seminars and panels with leading experts that would otherwise cost hundreds of dollars to attend. Private counselors, health consultants, and financial advisors, all in one place under one “virtual roof.” Come visit us at

Total Recovery Expo logo

You’ve Got a Friend!
Find all the resources you need, including where to go to meet real people that are often just minutes away.otal Recovery Expo logo
Admission is free! Recovery for All is building the go-to place for conquering all addictions. It is The Recovery Expo. Here, in a truly anonymous setting, you will find the various tools and teachers, the therapies, and the plan for your personal recovery. You do not need to get into your car and travel miles, you don’t have to fly to another city. You don’t need to buy a ticket or pay seminar fees to receive basic instruction on building your clean-and-sober future.

The only price is your request for help, and all that takes is to visit our Total Recovery Expo website. If you wish you may give us an email or facebook address and you are automatically a member of the Recovery for All Network. No attachments, no requests. 

What you do need is to open yourself up at this virtual expo of teachings from the great masters of personal growth and recovery. Prepare yourself for the wonder of recovery.

Here you will have thousands of invaluable contacts at your fingertips. Therapists. Clinics. Products. Services. 
What we all need to do at some level is to humbly seek help in our time of need. As the wonderful old song goes, “You’ve got a friend.”